*Favorite Web 2.0 Tools*

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Social cataloging, networking, catalog your own personal books, or catalog small libraries. Free until you hit 200 books. This site has the best raw data with less social networking; it's there just in the background.



Like a reading group or a book club online. Social networking, social reading, sharing your reading preferences, getting suggestions. This site is more social networking than raw data.


On this social media site members can build virtual bookshelves, assign books ratings and participate in online discussion groups.


A way to share your life with your friends no matter where they are in the world.


Micro blogging at its best!


You tube's How to use twitter

Cnet's Newbie's guide to twitter

Six ways you should be using Twitter

Free Twitter Designer

I was able to change the color of the twitter background and even upload violets to add to the page.

Formspring.me This tool is an annonomus hybrid between Facebook and Twitter and is considered to by a catchall for would be cyberbullies.

Ning for audiobook lovers

Ning is in the process of becoming a not so free service, so be ready to pay some small fees in the future.

Ning allows you to create your own private networking site.

7 things you should know about Nings by EduCause