*Favorite Web 2.0 Tools*

Collaborative tools allow students to work together and share their creations.


Create a story with pictures and share it with everyone.

School and Web 2.0 StoryBird

A cute and very true story about trying to use technology in schools.

Modern Foreign Language Storybirds

Wiki with a collection of 57 Storybirds in 4 languages.

Google Docs

Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that can live on the web; create. edit, share. You can send the link to your presentation to share it or you can open it to a group of people using their email addresses.

Google Docs Tour


You can make 3 for free to collaborate and share with.

Best Online Collaboration Tools 2010 by Robin Good

Robin Good's map is well organized and expansive with many tools mentioned just waiting to be explored. However, it is also an example of how the internet is filled with "here today and gone tomorrow" sites. Some of the sites have since disappeared, though they can be found in Google archives.


Creates visual maps of the pros and cons of any issue. The site states that this tool is a

"A wiki debate visualization tool" that lets you:

present the strongest case on any debate that matters to you,

openly engage the opposing arguments,

create and reshape debates,

make new points,

rate and filter the arguments,

monitor the evolution of debates via RSS feeds,

and, share and reuse the debates on and offline,

As an example, here is one of its ‘debate maps’ for Middle East Peace


This is an open sources Course Management System tha educators can use to create online learning sites. This is comparable to BlackBoard.